Download Mobile Forces Source here

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Download Mobile Forces Source here

Post by Filip on Mon 21 Nov 2011 - 11:35

da current version of Mobile Forces Source is idk what tbh but da bg says 0.40 Very Happy Smile lol!

For people who just want to skip da instructions and just download it xD: (Steam) (Will always be da link to da latest MFS)

Install Instructions for MFS:

1. Download
Steam From hir and install it. Create an account(or login to one if yu have one).
1.5. Download
Mobile Forces Source
After downloading, extract MFS in "[driver letter where yu installed steam]/Program Files/Steam/

2.And your done... Start steam(or restart it) and yu should have "Mobile Forces Source" in your games list ("All Games") In "Library", So find "Mobile Forces Source", double click on it and it will ask yu to install "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer" if yu don't have it, it's MFS's engine files and some shared data. wenn it's downloaded it will have ~3.2 GB xD. Steam uses a mounting system so yu dont have to redownload da same shit for every thing Very Happy so it might dl less if u already have something installed.

3. And your done, yu can go ahead... Launch MFS and Play Wink
start the game


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