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Post by Filip on Tue 28 Jun 2011 - 12:56

After thinking a while i have added GameCoins the Questions and Answears are bellow
Q:Is this some kind of virtual Money that whe need for somthing and whe can only get it by Paying you Real Money?
A:No, GameCoins are somtihng to see how much a user in the forum has a good reputation(or a Bad one),its like this:How much Stupid post's did the user make rabbit ,how much Bad or Insulting post's did he make .... . The more up the value the less Bad stuff he did,The more down the value The More Bad stuff he did ... Example:Some User's GameCoins are:80000 that means he has alot of compliments dosent Insult anyone ....

Q:Then What do i need GameCoins For?
A:Well on some stuff on the forum ou might see this:Minimum needed GameCoins to do this or that ... To view that or this (whatever) I'ts just a normal check is the user worthy of that or this
example:i whouldn't give 10000 Dollar's to a Dude that only makes Insults

Q:I want To see Answear's for other questions!
A:Just Reply In this topic with your question


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