Some Tips :3

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Some Tips :3

Post by Filip on Mon 21 Nov 2011 - 12:46

note: this tutorial assumes that you read how to setup a server

this is a list of usefull stuff for MFS Server hosting that i found over time ....

1.well since some of us dont rly know how to port forward and most of us dont rly have a static ip adress
here is a trick to get your server on the internet Server list in MFS Very Happy

on our hamachi group mobilehero its kinda like all our pc's are connected together in 1 room but it needs internet to do work xD

open up server.cfg and add another line:ip (ip you want to use for your server)<this could be your hamachi ip,you static ip,your no-ip ip.... (but it needs to be port-forwarded hamachi ip is automaticly port forwarded)
this will require hamachi to be on while the server is on but it will make the server appear (and be able to connect) on the servers list (the lan list if your server is a sv_lan 1 server)
Warning:If you use hamachi only(like no port worward...) people who are in the network will be the only ones that can connect to the server

b)you can use a program called simple port forward to port forward your router if you know the username/pass and the model(there are 2 options for firmware but using the wrong one will just give a error nothing will change ^^) and use no-ip to setup a ip that will never change (but might expire if you dont use it) and use that ip for your server
note:to connect to your server then dont use the no-ip adress but use loopback as your ip in the console ( type connect loopback )

2.Server.cfg commands
maybe you didint know but you have many  commands you can put in server.cfg here are a few of my favorites
sv_gravity (number (default is 600) ) <it changes gravity Very Happy
mp_flashlight 0 (Disables Flashlight XD)
mp_teamplay (1 enables teamplay and 0 is deathmatch Razz)
sv_cheats (a lot of people dont know pro cheats xD so i often put it to 1 and use ultimate cheats that i put a unusual name to XD(example:i renamed godmode to mp_flashlight 2 XD))
sv_lan 1 (this will make the server lan only, meaning it wont be online but local pcs will see it in the lan list, you can also use this for hamachi, playhouse... etc)

Srcds Peformance boost stuff
Note:Before you just put some upload there you might really want to check what upload do you have... its basicly found in your router's confings (its status in my router)
in Server cfg add thease cvars (commands)
sv_minrate 5000 //Must NOT be higher than maxrate<already in the cfg xD
sv_maxrate ( number you from from when you entered your upload speed )
sv_minupdaterate 10 //Must NOT be higher than maxupdaterate<already in the cfg xD
sv_forcepreload 1 // If set to 1, forces server-side preloading, reducing loading pauses.<already in the cfg xD
sv_maxupdaterate ( number you from from when you entered your upload speed But it must not be lower than 10... in case it is lower than 10 reduce your maxplayers )
Host_thread_mode 1 //this one and the next 3 are for server multi-threading<are already in the cfg
threadpool_affinity 1
net_queued_packet_thread 1
net_queue_trace 1
30000 is the source engine limit for maxrate
the maximum for maxupdaterate is 100
[font=Impact]i did some lol research and found out that 21666 KB or more is the most ultimate you can get on 32 maxplayers (maximum for MFS) so ..... there is no need to get a better upload than 21666 KB per seccond XD or in other words 21.666 MB per seccond XD but feel free to go over it cuz i dont like the fact that 666 are the last numbers :/

Remember Processor speed,Amount of RAM(and the speed of the ram) and the graphics card(and the speed of the graphics card xD) are not everything but internet is not everything also you have to keep thease 2 balanced(as in you cant host a server that needs 4GB ram and a 1MB upload if you have 2GB ram and 2 MB upload ^^ you get it ?)to make a good server

General Stuff xD

Some of you might want to check your servers and maybe mess aroynd with them... while you dont have acess to your servers console?
Never fear xD hlsw is here...
just download the latezt official release... and youl figure it out :Pp.s hlsw uses rcon to administrate servers so make sure your server has one(and that you remember it xD)
hlsw has a mobile/tablet/desktop version. Search for it in the market

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